Parisian based artist, photographer, digital retoucher, Benjamin Roulet (b.1985) is an outstanding jack of all trades. Graduated from the ESAD (Orléans, 2008) and ENSP (Arles, 2011), his complicity with computer and technology has a lot to do with his insatiable appetite for the photographic image of which he plays and thwarts the codes, not without humor. From 2013, after a time spent at the Pin Up studio, he develops his curiosity for fashion photography as a place for his experimentations resulting in numbers of editorials for magazines such as Television, Tank or Glamcult. He translates his research in the art field for the The Great Escape exhibition (Avignon, 2019) where he blends the physical space to the virtual using 3D scans and 3D prints into an installation. In Europa Europa exhibition (Niort, 2021), he called on the diorama, an immersive device and the ancestor of VR, to materialize 3D sculptures.

With François Bellabas, they form a duo of visual artists defining themselves as cyber optimists. Praising the relationship to machines through a profuse use of digital tools and technologies, they manipulate images and more precisely image as data. In 2017 they founded the Parisian creative studio Gourau & Phong as an experimental laboratory. By reconciling art, pop culture and tools the duo works to shape the image of tomorrow. They are regularly invited to teach or speak at conferences.

ben ( a t ) gourauphong . com