Ville-Les-Bains is typical of a practice combining a 3D-scanned model, moving image and photography to create a fashion editorial. These landscape shots are combined with scans of a model taken in a photo studio at a later date.

In turn, the combination of the imagery creates a story about “a regular girl living a generic world. It is a displacement of the reality enhanced by a visual culture of the video game realm.” This combination of real and non-real elements sees Gourau & Phong using reality as a playground once again, helping to define exactly what it is that makes the pair’ work so captivating.

It not only demonstrates technical prowess and pushes what we consider to fall under the umbrella of photography, but it raises fascinating questions around truth and reality within the frames of an image.

excerpt from It's Nice That article (full version here)

2018 - Magazine Television

Camille Bodinier - Stylist

Iscia - Model

Elléa Cartier -  Make Up Artist