Editorial for Tank Magazine Game Issue Autumn 2020

Pastoral Hood kick off from the idea of building an idealistic and poetic 3D map of Los Angeles while experimenting with  “ street photogrammetry “. Working in collaboration with Tank Magazine, a fashion and contemporary art magazine, we scan the model and incrust her in a selection of realistic backgrounds. Exploring two dimensions, from 3D and scan to classic photography Pastoral Hood is part of an continuous experiment, designed to approach new techniques and appropriate them in a light way, with the intention of democratising them.

2019 – Tank Magazine

Noëlla Neffati – Producer
Jérôme Cortie – 3D Assistant
Natacha Voranger – Stylist
Vanessa Bellini – Make Up Artist
Quentin Lafforgue – Hair Stylist
Lorena Prain – Model